From the Rabbi’s Study

What is with the UN General Assembly??? Why do they feel the need to invite and be addressed by some of the world’s most unsavory characters? Over the years, the General Assembly has been “treated” to the likes of Mohamar Quadify of Libya, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Bashar Al-asad of Syria, plus Mahmoud Abbas and Yasir Arafat of the Palestinian Territories (Arafat was wearing a pistol belt during his speech), and next week, the delegates of the UN World Assembly will be treated to the dulcet tones and calm rhetoric of Mah-moud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Anyone with an IQ higher than a squirrel surely knows that Iran’s political leader is a patent liar who disavows the Holocaust of WWII, who is spearheading the rush to create nuclear weapons, who vows to wipe Israel off the face of the planet, and is arming his country to the teeth for a final show-down with the West. And this is the person selected by a UN speakers commit-tee to address world leaders? Even the mid twentieth century League of Nations did not ask Stalin or Hitler to speak to them – what is the UN trying to prove?

The true leadership of Iran comes from a small group of Islamic Mullah’s using Ahmadinejad as their puppet spokesman. We all know this! They’re fooling no one! Why give him the world stage? I am certain that the Israeli and US delegations along with several others will walk out of the hall rather than listen to his drivel.

Dear friends make no mistake; the physical security of Israel is in dire straights. Iran will soon have nuclear capability and will surly try to use it. We must work to convince our national leadership to wake up and fully recognize what will happen if we simply sit back and wait. The safety of Israel and much of southeast Europe is in great jeopardy. We must expose Iran’s plans for war. We must petition our national leaders to take action NOW – not just pointing fingers and weak rhetoric but hard, positive action to stop this Ira-nian madman!

Rabbi Rubovits